To Be A Human Being, Not A Human Doing

Two eagles glide above 
conversation pierces through the river’s even tone 
I listen, and hear both 

Cross-legged on the bank 
practice in the art of nothing 
acknowledge the existence of whole worlds besides me
I reach inside with both hands unmoving
remove the earplug of my ego  
let the universe stream in
open door reminiscent of Thanksgiving
embraces by relatives you’ve forgotten existed 
all branches of the same tree 

I am still, but I am not idle 
my mind quiets when I think not of myself 
above white sheep graze lazily, 
romping through azure pastures stretching unbroken
mirror the blue in my veins   
River sparkles pika pika, a cousin to electric diamonds 
popping off in defence of hope on somber winter evenings 
when the libations in my cup
leave the same warming touch caressing my stomach, as the kiss of the sun alighting on my skin  
I feel full. The grass beside me smack their lips. We smile the same satisfied grin. Gochisousamadesu
I raise my eyelids 
to two winning faces
and I know how a bee feels as it spreads out its wings   
This is why I practice nothing

But human being, turned human doing, how easily you are tricked 
coaxed into a hoax with two hands 
you reach for things that you don’t need
gripping and grabbing, ten fingerfuls of excuses
slowly seep life out of your heart’s capacity  

Screwed up faces etch caverns so deep
you could drop in to the bottom and still not find 
the remnants of where your peace had been 
Body wracked with the disease of moving
traitorous mind trade efficiency for dopamine  
myopic vision blind me to my basic needs   
can’t hear the river, the birds, or the bees
Stillness disappear in its entirety

Oh ignorance
do we choose you or do you choose us?

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