In Pursuit of Pleasure

My body smells like honey from the flower pressed between its pages Sweet aroma covering up the death of an innocent whose journey’s cut short by Fate in five fingers The pleasure it gives is a two letter word S&M - smoke and mirrors - nothing drops my priorities quicker, steals value from words of …

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The To-Do List

I worship youRaise you uplike mother and fatherYou comfort me and beat me silly I want your approvalI rebel against your needs Your existence it gives me anxietyWithout you I have no identity You tell me I matterI pretend to existuneasyunhappyI exist.


Relaxyou don't have to move mountains Especially not on a Monday


幽霊 Spotlight in the skyA perfect sphere of illuminationMaking the streetlamps look deadin comparisonYou don't need darkness to hide inThe mountains happily stand in your wakeAs you ooze between their fingers Steadily advancing into the silent village belowwho welcomes youwith not a soulYou don't need them to be visibleWhen you can taste the sound of …

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Explosions interspersed between raindropssplattering dark canvas in a palette of precious metals, like God Herself walked by Below, a chorus of vowelsChasing each other in a call and response Oou's melt into Aah's, slips into Eee'sCircles so smoothly orchestratedAn end can't separate itself from a beginningAre we celebrating, or in mourning?Beneath the upturned gazesreflecting artificial …

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The Break Up

It has been done.A long time coming,weeks of pondering,                                                                                of thoughts ever-changing,but I have seen it through …

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Why I Meditate

Why do I meditate? The short answer is because I want to be happy. The long answer is the same. Not just happy the emotion, that momentary high when something goes your way, but a true happiness. The happiness of staying equanimous in the face of Life, no matter what she happens to throw at …

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The Chronicles of Cynthia Lee – Part 1

Revelations On The Toilet Seat "Come for me, baby," he says as he comes, cavalierly, into me. He finishes with a smile, rolls off, finishes his drink. He got what he wanted, now off to the next thing on his list. Check. Check, please. I offered myself to him on a silver platter. He told …

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You’re Not Busy, You’re Unhappy

What did you do today? Was there anything you wanted to get done, but didn't find the time for? Is this an anomaly, or has it happened before? Is it, in fact, something of a regular occurrence? I recently had a conversation with a woman in the locker room about the benefits of working on …

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What’s Love Got To Do, Got To Do With It?

Love, am I right? What is it about love that leaves us so unsatisfied? What is it about this grand concept - that is constantly being touted as the end all be all that defines our whole existence - that defies our understanding? Who are we in love? Who are we without it? "I don't …

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