To Be A Human Being, Not A Human Doing

The changing of the season, wintering is upon us. The natural slowdown of life, to know the moment before it is too late.

Push My Buttons

Self-reflection on self-love. Who am I?

Why I Meditate

Why do I meditate? The short answer is because I want to be happy. The long answer is the same. Not just happy the emotion, that momentary high when something goes your way, but a true happiness. The happiness of staying equanimous in the face of Life, no matter what she happens to throw at …

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Season’s Change, Nothing Gold Can Stay

Another year gone, another year's almost over. If you happened to meet yourself from one year ago, would you recognize that person? Are they an exact replica of who you are now? The answer is no, they are different, you are different - you've changed. The you from a year ago is no longer the you of …

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The Art of Living

What is happiness? One might say the touch of a snowflake upon the tip of a nose, another might tender the heat of the Mediterranean sun. When it comes down to it, happiness is simply the occurrence of a wanted thing happening or an unwanted thing not. Happiness is simply life, meeting or exceeding our …

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Hey, How Much Does This Thing Cost?

How much does something cost? When we hear that word, our automatic assumption is that we are talking about money, a numerical value, some tangible currency to use as a frame of reference. How much, say, does it cost to watch an episode of The Game of Thrones (GoT)? There are many angles we can …

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The Art of Doing Nothing

There are such days, glorious days, in which Fortune's favor is turned squarely your way. The world's desires and your desires perfectly align, and all it takes is for you to reach out your hand to sweep the world off of Her feet. Together you dance, and every step you take is just right, everything …

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Hello Ego, So We Meet Again

Author's Note: Please Like and Share if you like what you hear, otherwise the Complaints department is at the bottom under the label 'Comments' 😉 See you next Wednesday!   "Today, before we start, I want you all to close your eyes and visualize a pose that you feel an aversion to," my yoga instructor tells …

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