The Break Up

It has been done.A long time coming,weeks of pondering,                                                                                of thoughts ever-changing,but I have seen it through …

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The Muse

If writing is holy ground, come walk with me through the fodder of your imagination. Come bear with me through the pins and needles that dig into your sleeping confidence. Come smile at me even if your resolve is dissolving into pieces, while the joy in your eyes melts and slides down your face, slipping …

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The Chronicles of Cynthia Lee – Part 1

Revelations On The Toilet Seat "Come for me, baby," he says as he comes, cavalierly, into me. He finishes with a smile, rolls off, finishes his drink. He got what he wanted, now off to the next thing on his list. Check. Check, please. I offered myself to him on a silver platter, he told …

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