Every Day With You In It Becomes An Event

You move like liquid smoke
in and out of my days
Where sunrise and sunset
marked the division of time
Now I organize life's passing
by the appearance of your name

I welcome you
like a disease into my body
A foreign presence,
jostling me for space

What is this mind
gone lazy in its wanderings?
Like an addict
feeding itself on its daydreams

What is this heart
growing legs and escaping?
No conscience for home
an empty nest that is gaping

Maybe your force field
is just too strong
And I'm but an ignorant planet
orbiting around the sun
Summoned by the call
of your taiko drum

Six paces per beat

Believing I'm the only one
while you have a whole
solar system
of ones who think they love you
circling at your feet

Maybe someday we shall see
perhaps you are only meant to stay
at the center
away from me

Photo by Takehiro Suzuki
instagram: @take.tks

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