Every Day With You In It Becomes An Event

Nothing makes a better muse than love, in all its forms and fortunes. Thank you for being my muse for the past few months, you will be missed.

You’re Not Busy, You’re Unhappy

What did you do today? Was there anything you wanted to get done, but didn't find the time for? Is this an anomaly, or has it happened before? Is it, in fact, something of a regular occurrence? I recently had a conversation with a woman in the locker room about the benefits of working on …

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Love Thy Enemy

Close your eyes, and picture the face of someone you disagree with. We all have at least one such person, and if you're one of the lucky ones who thinks, Oh no, not me, just turn on the news for one minute and you will be sure to find someone right quick. The headlines nowadays expound upon …

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But First, Be Kind To Yourself

Four-eyes. Nerd. Loser. Wimp. These words may seem pretty innocuous now, even funny in the innocent nostalgia they bring up. But if you think back - wayyy back - before the internet was a thing, before the F word was just daily vocabulary, maybe back when you still had to fork up a nickel for …

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