You Are Not Fine if You Are Killing Your Own Dreams

What do you want?

No, seriously, stop for a second and think about it. What do you really want? Don’t think about what other people want to hear, or what you think will make you look good and respectable – go deeper, be honest. If you want to be filthy rich, say it. Don’t settle for being wishy-washy like, “oh I want to make enough money to support my family and be comfortable.” If by comfortable what you really mean is you want to drive around the oceans on a private yacht, or fly off on a whim just to grab dinner in Paris – then say it; just admit it to yourself.

Everyone has a specific goal in mind – whether it is to be recognized so that you can brag about it in front of all your friends, or just as a big ‘Fuck you!’ to all those who never believed you could do it – we all have an understanding of what truly motivates us. If you can first start by saying what it is that you want, only then can you honestly go about getting after it.

So with that in mind, how can you achieve what you really want? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is where we can separate the gods from the men.

“It’s very, very simple to get what you want. But it’s not easy.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          – Mel Robbins

There is absolutely no reason when you have set a goal for yourself – between where you are now and where you want to be – that you cannot make that journey across and reach your destiny. The only thing required from you is for you to make that leap. The divide can be large or small, depending on what kind of need you are reaching for, but the process is always the same. It requires an activation energy, something that will make you walk to the edge and start the journey into crossing.

If you are waiting for a sign, waiting for a push, just generally using the word waiting in any shape or form – you are never going to make it. Because you are never going to take the only step that is necessary, that step onto the only route that is available to take you from not having and not being, over to achieved, and successful. If you don’t engage in the activation energy you are choosing inertia over action as your friend, and inertia is not your friend. It comes hand in hand with the relinquishing of your goals, and the settling to yourself and the rest of the world with the phrase: I’m fine.

Well, listen. Fine is a cop out. You are not fine, because no one having something that they want is going to be fine when they give up on it. Fine is a flat emotional state, and if you are trying to be fine, what you are really trying to do is mask the internal turmoil and clusterfuck that’s going on, that comes from the letting go of your dreams.

You are not fine, but you would rather hide behind that than to face the alternative – the fact that you are fully capable of going after what you want, you just don’t want it enough. Enough is when you feel that instinct arise in you to make a move for your goals, and then you act on it. The alternative is to not act, and when you choose this, you are choosing to kill it, that chance to seize your dreams.

You are training your mind to either kick into action or sit back down every time an idea or an impulse takes you over. If you want your reaction to be in the first camp, then you can start with taking the words I don’t feel like it” out of your vocabulary right now.

 “If you listen to how you feel when it comes to what you want, you will not get it. Because you will never feel like it.”                                                                                                                                                          – Mel Robbins

If emotions were reliable then everyone would be accomplished in themselves, because who wouldn’t want to feel the basking glow of achievement? That is a highly positive reward, yet most of us won’t make it out to that highest peak because all along there are ridges in the way that are not so emotionally pleasing. If your dreams are waiting for you to feel like it, then you are just simply back to waiting, back to inertia, back to square one.

You can get what you want, really. You just have to start making it happen. Action begets action, because the moment you make a decision to act, to move instead of counting all the reasons why not, your motion begins. And like a snowball tumbling down a mountain you will only gather momentum, and who knows just how far you can ride the roll.

But if you choose to wait, to stay still, then you may never find out. Just another snowflake lying amongst the rest, patiently waiting for the sun to come melt them away.


Author’s Note: If you need a bigger kick in the butt, take a listen to Mel Robbin’s TEDx talk right here, from which the author got her inspiration for this post. If you have any comments by all means, make this into a conversation. Enjoy, and go out there and make something out of yourself today!  

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