“But I Don’t Like Other Women” and Other Immaterial Things

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

“We are in the business of being women.”

DGGYST has been pretty heavy on the girl power lately. With “The Power of Female Economy“, and “So, You Want a Blogging Tip…“, not to mention the sidebar featuring specifically female bloggers, I have to address something that comes up every time I (or any one else for that matter) discuss supporting female industry. This sentiment:

“But I don’t like other women.”

I notoriously love the women. I was a labrador retriever in my last four lives and just assume everyone is my friend and they want to feed me biscuits.
Not that I haven’t not liked some women. There’ve been a few where I’m like, “You are not my kind of lady. Now give me a biscuit and get the hell out of here, bark bark bark bark bark!” So I respect that you may have…

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Eating a Past, Present, and Future Sandwich

What is your favourite kind of sandwich? Me, I used to love these beautiful works of deli art found in the winding backstreets of Florence, Italy back when I used to live there. Hefty loaves of fresh ciabatta caressed their precious cargo in between, holding the likes of mozzarella, glistening white as a blushing bride's …

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Season’s Change, Nothing Gold Can Stay

Another year gone, another year's almost over. If you happened to meet yourself from one year ago, would you recognize that person? Are they an exact replica of who you are now? The answer is no, they are different, you are different - you've changed. The you from a year ago is no longer the you of …

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The Art of Living

What is happiness? One might say the touch of a snowflake upon the tip of a nose, another might tender the heat of the Mediterranean sun. When it comes down to it, happiness is simply the occurrence of a wanted thing happening or an unwanted thing not. Happiness is simply life, meeting or exceeding our …

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How to Relieve Anxiety

The lights are out, it's dark, and suddenly there is a bump on the stairs. Your alerted mind immediately jumps to conclusions, swinging through all the possibilities that reads like a Stephen King novel - it's a thief, a clown, or twin ghosts! But it could just as easily be your family walking to the bathroom, …

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Ask Not “What is the Right Solution?” But “What is the Right Question?”

Have you ever had one of those nights where you find yourself erring on the wrong side of being a hot mess, having finally stumbled your way home only to be solidly stopped by the obstacle called Door? It doesn’t make sense, I’ve done this before, could be running through your head as you continue …

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Life Is Made To Be Lived

There is a wonderful saying I love that describes life in a perfect way: Some days you're the bug, and some days you're the windshield. I often find myself repeating this - usually more when I'm in the squished flat camp rather than the brazen, take-no-prisoners world of the windshield set - but from either …

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When In Doubt, Chunk It Into Pieces

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”                                                                                          …

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What You Focus On Is What You Invite More Of

There once were three blind men walking on three separate roads, all of which ended upon at the same intersection. In the middle of the crossing sat an elephant, patiently waiting with its handler to go join into a circus which had arrived in town that very day. The first blind man who happened upon …

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Hey, How Much Does This Thing Cost?

How much does something cost? When we hear that word, our automatic assumption is that we are talking about money, a numerical value, some tangible currency to use as a frame of reference. How much, say, does it cost to watch an episode of The Game of Thrones (GoT)? There are many angles we can …

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