To Not See Is Not Blindness

Mist, white as patience
devours the mountains
Proud cedars, resigned to their fate
accept what they have coming

Even as their comrades disappear
Even as they swim,
up to their necks,
in the pale unknowing
Equanimity, they breathe,
into the silent surrounding

My body is glued into this moment
if I peel away now
I will forever be less
like a sticker worn down with use

I have found my forever home, I think
Laughing at my naïveté, she says

I am but a passing ghost
You will cause yourself pain
With this desire to own
For nothingness
is all that you'll know
When I slip
right through your bones

What if this is
the happiest I ever will be?
tremors my heart
The mist turns her head
all kinds of kindness
in her wide empty grip

Waste not your time in fear, Child
I will not let you fall
Doubt is just a symptom of the mind
A small boat in the sea of the soul

I am the waves, the wind, and the shore
I am the center, the edge, and the surrounding
What I know could write a book
you've only read
the very first word

The moment continues,
but I move on

If nothing gold can stay
Nothing white will remain

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