Poem #3 in “All One”. For all the indecisive ones out there, we will be fine.

The Art of Living

What is happiness? One might say the touch of a snowflake upon the tip of a nose, another might tender the heat of the Mediterranean sun. When it comes down to it, happiness is simply the occurrence of a wanted thing happening or an unwanted thing not. Happiness is simply life, meeting or exceeding our …

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How to Relieve Anxiety

The lights are out, it's dark, and suddenly there is a bump on the stairs. Your alerted mind immediately jumps to conclusions, swinging through all the possibilities that reads like a Stephen King novel - it's a thief, a clown, or twin ghosts! But it could just as easily be your family walking to the bathroom, …

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Be SMART and Appreciate the Little Things

I once stood upon a tall guard tower situated along the Great Wall of China, barely catching my breath with sweat dripping into my eyes, almost falling apart from the heat and the exertion it took to make it that far. Looking out from the window at the vastness all around, counting the great snaking …

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