In the land of the living, Mexico.

Amazing photographer Omar Z Robles showing his work through an interpretation of the human body, through dance and images. A new outlook on the world around us through no words but movement.

Omar Z Robles

As I continue my quest to travel the world documenting dancers in different countries, my next destination after visiting Cuba last March was inspired partly by something I heard someone say not too long ago. Words that still echo in my mind, and I bet on a lot of other people’s minds. “When Mexico sends it’s people…”. The rest of that sentence is full of so much negativity and hate, I won’t even bother to repeat.

omarzroblesmexico-3751 Greta Elizondo | Fujifilm X-T2 + XF 56mm

And so it was, I set myself to prove those words wrong and show how beautiful Mexico and its people really are. Thanks to the support from the folks at Fujifilm I was able to head over to Mexico City. I researched and contacted a good number of local dancers and packed my bags.

omarzroblesmexico-9957 Iratxe Beorlegui | Fujifilm X-T2 + XF 56mm

omarzroblesmexico-3100 Allie Gee | Fujifilm X-T2…

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